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Who We Are & Why We Care About You

Beyond The TechniqueTM is your salon advocate. We guide, develop and encourage salon owners and their teams to be successful beyond their time behind the chair through our extremely popular podcast, "Beyond The Technique with Kati Whitledge", our virtual coaching and mastermind groups, and our personalized in-salon business and marketing workshops. Kati's mission is to equip salon owners and their teams with the most innovative business and marketing strategies!

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Meet The Founder

If you’re wondering how to run a successful salon business, then you’ve found the right business coach to offer you the best salon business advice the beauty industry has to offer. Kati’s passion is helping salon owners find financial freedom and flexibility in the midst of running a hair salon. Kati’s adventures in entrepreneurship have been entirely devoted to startup companies. In 2010, she opened Be Inspired Salon, an upscale salon boutique located in Madison, Wisconsin. Kati grew her team of two into a team of over twenty. She understood that her team’s success was her success. Her mission was to build her stylist’s clientele. She did that by developing Meet Your Stylist. Meet Your Stylist was recently named the Best Marketing Campaign of 2017 at the Business Excellence Forum in Houston, Texas.

If you’re doing pretty good but feel like you’ve gotten your salon business as far as you can on your own, then hiring a business coach is your next step to getting to the next level. Kati believes we all need a business coach! To this day Kati works with her own business coach. She believes we all need someone in our corner who will train us, empower us, and encourage us to win at business. 

Kati also believes that one size doesn’t fit all. When she offers your salon business advice, she’s offering you custom recommendations based on where you’re at with your salon business journey. Every salon owner has different strengths. Every salon has a unique culture. Therefore, every salon should receive one of a kind attention, information and education. 

The question isn’t if you need a salon coach, the question is, are you ready to start working on your business today? If you know you need us, don’t wait! Visit our services page and sign up for Virtual Coaching Sessions today.

Beyond The Technique has been very helpful in learning and reminding ourselves how there is so much more than giving the result of great hair.
— Katie Schmitt, Owner of 29Ten Salon

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