The Big 5 of an "A" Player


I recently heard Keith Cunningham speak at the Business Excellence Forum in Houston, TX, and I was so inspired by his presentation that I’m sharing his insights with you! Keith shared with us The big 5 of “A players" - and they couldn’t be more applicable to the salon industry. These characteristics are a great tool to identify the "A Players" on your team, but also to think about whether or not you’re an A Player. Let’s see! 

The Big 5

  1. A Players love the outcome. In other words, they love the “scorecard,” whether that's a quarterly report, commissions on payroll, or an annual goal. A Players love the result and want to know that they’re winners.
  2. A Players have a high internal need to succeed. Again, A Players love to win! But, they don’t need to be constantly motivated and monitored by others, because they want to win for themselves. A Players don’t need external motivation; they have all they need inside themselves.
  3. A Players love measurement and accountability. If you set goals for your A Players, they love it! A Players like to track progress and be accountable to others. They don’t shy away from a tough challenge, but will meet the requirements to get to the next level.
  4. A Players have the technical chops. Basically, A Players know what they’re doing, and they’re amazing behind the chair. They get it, they got it, and they’re good! Not only do they want to succeed, but they have the technical skills to make it happen.
  5. A Players love coaching. This one is my personal favorite. A Players always want to know how they can become better. Even when you give them a compliment, they’re asking for your advice to take it one step further.

Are You an A Player? 

I was once told that A Players don’t want to work for B Players, and I couldn’t agree more! If you have A Players on your team who aren’t inspired by leaders who are also A Players, you’re going to struggle to keep them on your team. A Players want a leader who motivates them, coaches them to become better, and holds them accountable. 

If you’re in a situation where you’re struggling to keep A Players, you need to ask yourself,  “How do I become an A Player for my team?” Reading this article is a great place to start, and the team at Beyond the Technique is ready to help you take it even further! We encourage you to check out our other services including our Mastermind Group and Business Coaching (remember, A Players love coaching!) This could be your first step towards kicking it into A Player level--there’s no limit on your success! 

Are you looking for some more accountability on your road to becoming an A Player? Or, do you want some advice on mentoring the A Players on your team? Then, check in with us on Instagram and our sister company’s private Facebook group! We will see you there!