When Is It Time To Hire a Salon Business Coach?


As many of you know, I founded Be Inspired Salon in Madison, WI in 2010. During the first two years, my salon was doing good, but it really exploded in 2012 because of my amazing business coach! In 2012, I attended a business networking event, and listened to a speaker who was no B.S. Really, he was straight to the point, very serious, and I knew in my gut that I needed to work with him. 

After connecting with him, he shared with me the cost of his services, and it was going to be a big investment for me. Even though the cost scared me, I was more scared about not working with him because of everything that my team and I would be missing out on. I wanted to make sure that my team and I were successful, and that required a significant investment. But, being coached turned out to be a huge success and worth every dollar! Within the first year of working with my business coach, my salon’s profits increased by 838%! (No, that’s not a typo.) It was really a night and day difference, and we were able to double our salon space and expand our team.

Because of this experience, I’ve always had a heart for being coached and coaching others. “A Players” want to be coached because they know that is how they get better. As salon owners, we need to be A Players, otherwise our team won’t work for us. A Players will not work for B or C Players. So, how do you know when it’s time to make the investment and hire a salon business coach?

Here are three ways that you will know. 

1. When you’ve gotten your salon as far as you can on your own. This is what prompted me to hire a business coach. I knew that my strengths were in marketing, customer service, and building up my stylists. But, I also knew that I had my weaknesses, such as accounting and finance.

Maybe some of you can relate to this either in your professional or personal lives—I was really good at making money, but I was also really good at spending money. We all know what happens when you outspend your earnings, so it was vital to the success of my salon to have someone help me with finances. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses, so hiring a salon business coach can help amplify your strengths and improve your weaknesses. 

2. When your revenue and/or profits have flat-lined. If you’ve had a couple of good years, but there’s no signs of future improvement, you should hire a salon business coach. Maybe you’ve gone up a little bit, then down a little bit, but there’s nothing especially notable. This means it is time for an outside professional to help you generate more revenue and become more profitable. 

3. When you’ve plateaued. This idea is similar to #2, but as it relates to your business overall. Consider the last time that you’ve reviewed or improved on your hiring process, training program, marketing, pricing, and so much more! Overall, does your business feel stagnant, or are there things falling through the cracks? Then, it’s time to hire a business coach. Think about your salon business coach as your accountability partner who is there to make sure you succeed and breathe new life into your business! 

If you’re still unsure whether hiring a salon business coach is the right choice for you, consider one of my favorite quotes, “If you don’t know where you’re going to be in five years, you’re already there.” Think about that. If everything in your business is staying the same, then you already know what your salon will be like in five years. The question is: are you okay with that? 

Many people are scared of hiring a business coach because they think someone will find out that you’re not doing what you should be doing. But, guess what? That’s okay! That is the purpose of business coaching, and your coach will not judge you! Their job is to make you as successful as you can be! Don’t allow your ego, pride, or insecurities to stand in the way of getting what you need to become better! 

Coaching Options

So, now you’re ready to hire a business coach, but where do you start? Well, Beyond the Technique offers business coaching that is specifically tailored to salon owners! We are in your corner and ready to help when you’re ready. Now, there are a few options for coaching at varying costs. The most expensive option is face-to-face coaching. This is where you and your coach meet face-to-face either at your location or theirs. I’m going to be honest with you, I spend $2,000/month on face-to-face business coaching - and it’s worth every penny. 

The second option is virtual coaching, where you and your coach connect via phone or Skype. This is still one-on-one, but it’s virtual. This is still quite an investment, but not as expensive as face-to-face. 

Finally, the last option for coaching is a group mastermind session. This is also through a virtual platform where you and other professionals share ideas, challenges, and questions, and we all work together to help one another. So, if someone wants help with recruiting, we will all share our experiences, challenges, and suggestions to come up with some great ideas. This might sound scary to share with others, but it isn’t, I promise! This is the most affordable option and also a great way to network with others. 

I wholeheartedly encourage you to look into salon business coaching, and reach out to us with any questions you have! It’s not a matter of should you hire a coach, it’s a matter of when you should hire a coach. Learn more about coaching on our services page; we look forward to connecting with you! 

Emily Kelly