How to Stay Healthy Behind the Chair


We all know the toll that being a hairdresser can have on our health. As a stylist, you’re standing all day, oftentimes skipping lunch to squeeze in another client, and loading up on coffee. But, you need to prioritize your health to have a long, lucrative career. So, how can you stay healthy when you’re crazy-busy behind the chair? We are sharing three simple pieces of advice that can make a huge difference for your health!

1. Drink water!

I know it seems so simple and you’ve heard it a million times, but how often are you reaching for something other than water? Water fuels your body, so you need lots of it! Just how much? Most trainers and nutritionists suggest that you should drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day.

You might think that’s a crazy amount of water, but there are actually dehydrating factors in other beverages and foods that you consume during the day. For instance, dining out, drinking wine, and sipping on coffee are all dehydrating. So, the best standard to apply is half your bodyweight in ounces. Drinking water is the first step to staying healthy and comes with many other added benefits!

2. Reach for healthy meals and snacks!

As a stylist, you need foods that fuel your brain and energize your body! I have a great piece of advice that you’ll want to remember when planning healthy meals. You should always combine a fruit, a fat, and a protein. Why is a fruit, a fat, and a protein the golden trifecta? Fruit is your energy, fat feeds the brain, and protein builds muscle. By the way, did you know that the majority of your brain is made up of saturated fat? Who knew?!

Here are some easy meal examples that will fulfill all of these criteria. A great snack to reach for is a handful of almonds and an apple. Almonds satisfy the the fat and protein criteria, and the apple is your fruit. This snack is easy to prepare, quick to consume, and great for your energy! Another healthy meal is 4-5 ounces of chicken, half an avocado, and a banana. Again, we have a fruit (banana), fat (avocado), and protein (chicken). By combining these three elements, your energy levels will stay consistent throughout the day.

3. #TreatYoSelf.

If you’re a fan of the show Parks & Recreation, you know all about this! My last piece of advice to staying healthy is to be proactive about your life outside of the salon. For instance, treat yourself to a massage! A massage will break up the fascia around your muscles and is great for relaxation! If you don’t have the budget for a massage, you can also buy a foam roller to achieve the same benefits. Other great activities to try are yoga, going for a walk, lifting some weights, and just treating yo’self to being active.

Drinking water, eating healthy, and staying active are key to actually showing up and performing when you're behind the chair! Do you have other tips to staying healthy when you’re crazy-busy behind the chair? Share them with us on our private Facebook group.

Emily Kelly