The One Thing You Must Know to Get Hired at a Fabulous Salon


As many of you know, I’m the owner of Be Inspired Salon in Madison, WI. As the owner, I’m always recruiting amazing talent which means conducting interviews, and there is one question that can be a definite deal-breaker for me. If you want to get hired at a fabulous salon, you have to be prepared for this one question: “What do you know about our salon?”

When I ask interviewees, “What do you know about Be Inspired Salon?,” I’m shocked when they respond: “I don’t know much yet.” This answer means that either this candidate is interviewing anywhere and everywhere or that they aren’t prepared—neither is a good sign! If you’re interviewing at salons, you need to know about them!

If you want to get hired at a fabulous salon, here’s what you need to look into. Check out their website and social media sites to look for answers to these questions: What do you like about the salon? What services do they provide? What services do they seem to specialize in? What sets them apart? Have they received any awards or special recognition? Do they have any unique programs? Do they provide education for their stylists? What products do they use? Finding answers to all these questions will help you learn if you even want to work at this salon. If you do, learning more about the salon and the people who work there will get you even more excited about your interview!

Here’s another important question to consider: do they value what you value? You want to work for a salon who shares the same beliefs as you, so get on the salon’s website and find their mission statement. By the way, if you’re a salon owner, you need to have your values listed on your website. This will help you attract the right clients and the right talent! After all, people do business with those they believe value what they value.

If you have an interview and are fired up about the salon, be ready from the very beginning and learn everything you possibly can about this salon! Think about how impressed the interviewer will be when they ask you this question and you respond: “I know that you carry XYZ products and you perform these types of services. I love that you offer a rewards program for your clients and seem to offer a ton of education for your stylists. Also, I read that you won an awesome award on Lastly, I’ve read your mission statement, and I really value what you value!” If you say something like this, we are going to think: "WOW, she has really done her research!"

If you’re a hair stylist who is looking to step up and into a new environment, you must know about the salon you’re interviewing at and be prepared! If you want to exchange other interview questions, tips, and strategies with industry pros, check out our private Facebook group! At the end of the day, we all rise when we lift each other! Good luck on your next interview!

Emily Kelly