The Best Salon Marketing Tool You Haven’t Tried

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When you were in beauty school or just starting your career, how were you taught to build your clientele? Do any of these sound familiar: word of mouth, handing out business cards, talking to your friends, advertising in the newspaper, offering free services or discounts, posting pictures on Facebook, etc.? Well, I’m here to tell you that there is a better, more effective, and more innovative way to build your clientele with Meet Your Stylist!

Time for an Update

Just like hairstyles, marketing techniques change and need to be updated as technology improves and new information is learned about your clientele. As stylists, we take pride in continuing to update our hair coloring and cutting techniques, and we should take the same approach to our marketing strategies. We certainly wouldn’t give a client a haircut from the 90’s, so we shouldn’t use marketing plans from the last two decades, either!

If that isn’t a good enough reason for you to consider a new marketing strategy, think about this –  only 30 percent of new hair clients will come back a second time. That’s right, out of every ten new clients who you see, only three of them will come back. Now, think about all the effort that you’re putting into attracting just three new clients. Chances are that your return on investment (ROI) isn’t that great! This is exactly why you need to try a new strategy, and Meet Your Stylist is the perfect solution!

How Does It Work?

Meet Your Stylist is a smart survey that matches clients with stylists at your salon who are the best fit for them! The Meet Your Stylist survey lives on your salon’s website, clients fill out the short survey, and they are matched with three stylists at your salon who are the best fit for them based on their personality, lifestyle, and relationship preferences. The real secret to Meet Your Stylist’s success is that you—the stylist—choose the clients who you do your best work with, and those are the clients who you will be matched with!

Remember how low the new client retention rate is, just 30 percent. Well, the surest way to improve that number is to ensure your clients have a fabulous first visit, and this goes beyond receiving a great haircut. Clients need to have a connection with their hairstylist; after all, we don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The only marketing tool that offers this type of individualized connection is Meet Your Stylist! Think about how your business would change if every client who sat in your chair was a great fit for you, and you instantly clicked! I’m sure you would love coming to work every day and your books would be packed!

I could go on and on about all the benefits of becoming a Meet Your Stylist salon, but I encourage you to check it out for yourself! To learn even more about this tool, visit and request a demo. There is a reason Meet Your Stylist won Best Marketing Campaign of 2017; you don’t want to be the last salon in your area to sign up for Meet Your Stylist, so sign up today!  

Emily Kelly