Expand Your Salon by Adding a MedSpa


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to expand your salon business? Perhaps you’ve already undergone a few expansions, or you’ve made the move to a bigger space, maybe you’ve even opened other locations, and now you’re searching for the next exciting salon development. 

Instead of moving toward another physical expansion, why not attempt to grow your service list? While growing in your physical space tends to be a game of time and money, expanding on your services involves quite a bit of thought, and it has to be timed just right. 

In today’s fast-paced salon environment, the hottest expansion that every salon should be considering is that of becoming a MedSpa. We’re at the height of anti-aging technology, and non-surgical aesthetic skincare and medical spa treatments are quickly growing in popularity. 

Ginny Eramo, owner of Interlocks Salon and MedSpa, was one of several early adopters to this strategic salon trend. She’s had great success with her latest expansion, and with her expert industry insight and years of salon experience she offers her best tips for taking the leap into MedSpa territory.


Putting the Medic in Cosmetic

It doesn’t matter where your stylists or beauticians earned their license, medical cosmetology procedures and treatments are not to be performed by cosmetologists, period. So, many of you are probably wondering where to begin when transitioning into MedSpa terrain. 

First thing’s first, if you’re thinking about becoming a MedSpa, you’ll need to hire on a new team of medical professionals to perform these services. At Interlocks, Ginny partnered with a team of nurses that now handle all of her MedSpa patients under the direction of a medical director, specializing in everything from Botox to laser hair removal. 

With the rise of this new trend there are many medical professionals seeking out opportunities in salon and spa settings, you just have to know where to look.

This Is Not an Inexpensive Expansion

 Adding a MedSpa to your salon can be an expensive endeavor. Although the treatments and services pay for themselves in no time, you have to be prepared to shell out some serious cash in order to purchase all of the necessary medical equipment. 

Of course, physical space does play a role in this expansion in that you have to think about where you’re going to keep your equipment. Depending on the state you operate out of you might be able to have some overlap, but some state laws require you to build a completely separate space dedicated to your medical practice. 

Don’t forget, there are additional expenses beyond acquiring this high-end technology, think warranties, maintenance and repairs. Ginny suggests minimizing overhead by leasing or financing your equipment, it’s good to keep costs down any way you can! 

Know Your Market

Do your research. There’s no other way to be absolutely sure that adding a MedSpa to your salon is the right move. 

For Ginny, her clients were already asking for these services, so for Interlocks it was a sensible expansion. Think about your clientele: What’s your primary demographic? Are your clients interested in anti-aging treatments and technologies? If these services are already available at other salons or specialty locations in your marketplace, are those locations having success? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you’re prepared for the additional expenses, adding a MedSpa to your salon might be the perfect way to expand your service offerings. 

Don’t shy away from this opportunity just because you hear that your clients are already receiving these services someplace else. Your customers have already placed their trust in you, if you were to offer similar treatments and amenities with the added convenience of location, your clients will support you all the way. 


The Payoff: Expanding and Strengthening Your Business

While in comparison to your salon, a MedSpa might seem like somewhat of a separate entity, Ginny and a handful of other salon owners have proven that these two service-based businesses can really complement one another if the marketplace allows.

Adding a MedSpa is just one of many possible ways to expand in your salon setting, but this fast-growing trend has proven itself to be a worthwhile addition. By expanding into MedSpa treatments and services, you’re adding to your customer’s salon experience and increasing the amount of time they spend in your facilities, which in turn lends itself to creating a very loyal client. 

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Emily Kelly