Salon Tip: Start Marketing to Your Stylists

MYM team photo.jpg

Today is the day to start marketing to your salon team! What the heck do I mean by that? Marketing to your team means getting in front of them the same way that you get in front of your clients, and it’s crucial to your salon’s success and stylist retention.



Why Market to Your Team?

First, marketing to your team ensures that you’re maintaining a communicative relationship. After all, the key to a great relationship is communication. If you’re a follower of Beyond The Technique, you’ve probably heard me say that a top reason clients will leave you is because they think you won’t notice. Well, the same reasoning holds true for your stylists. By routinely and consistently communicating with your team, you remind them that they’re important to you and it keeps them excited about their career.

A great way to stay in front of your stylists is by sending marketing emails. That’s right, the solution can be as simple as a weekly or monthly email. You can think about the marketing email like an internal newsletter, so you truly have endless amounts of content to include. Here are some great ideas to get started:

  • New hire welcomes

  • Upcoming education opportunities

  • Local networking events

  • Stylist promotions

  • Upcoming salon events or promotions

  • Recognition of team members who’ve been outstanding

  • Positive reviews you’ve received

  • Stylist birthdays or anniversaries

  • Salon policy reminders

Really, there are so many topics that you can include in your newsletter, so get creative! Maybe you’ve recently upgraded some equipment, put that in the newsletter to remind your team that you’re invested in their success. What about asking one of your stylists who recently returned from a workshop to write about the top three things they learned from that experience to share with the rest of the team? Are you getting some ideas?

Marketing to your team with an internal newsletter helps your stylists feel like they are part of the “inner circle,” and that you appreciate their contribution to your salon business. Give it a try and share your success by posting in our private Facebook group. We can’t wait to meet you!


Emily Kelly