The Golden Rule of Greetings - Steps to Greeting Clients

Take 5 minutes and write down or type up how you’d expect to be greeted, checked-in, accommodated upon arrival.

  • How are you going to WOW your clients every visit? Smiling is simple and often forgotten.
  • How could you differentiate from your competitors in this one area?
  • Are they receiving a beverage option?  Do they know their options or do you simply ask if they want something to drink? Verbiage is huge and we’ll cover this soon!
  • Are they receiving a tour of your fabulous environment?
  • Do they know where the bathrooms are?  Are you pointing to these areas or are you walking them through your business?  Little things mean everything!

Now list WHO is responsible for greeting clients every day and hour you’re open.

  • Are you holding someone accountable for this responsibility?
  • What are the rewards for a performance well done?  What are the consequences otherwise?
  • Expectations should be clear with all staff; we’ll talk more about this soon too!

Put your plan into Action!

  • Give your golden rule plan time to become a habit for all staff members.
  • Make sure all new staff members are trained accordingly.

Commit, Reflect & Revise

  • After one month of working this plan, talk with staff to find out if there’s any struggles, if there are ways to improve efficiency, or if the plan could evolve for the better.  Do this on a regular basis.

Your staff are on the front line and they can become your most brilliant innovators if given the opportunity.