The Perfect Consultation - Step 2

What are questions you’d want to ask every new client? Keep in mind this will need to take less than fifteen minutes. Here are examples of questions we’d recommend you ask new clients.

  • What are your struggles with your style? What are you loving about your style?
  • Tell me about your daily routine? What products and tools are you using? Have you done this routine today?
  • Are you coloring your hair?

We know you know…we want to discover what the client has been doing.

  • What is your goal today?

What inspires them? Do they have pictures? Is their idea of red the same as yours?

  • Do I have any restrictions today?

You want to find out if cutting more than 1/8” is going to send them through the roof!

  • What are your maintenance expectations?

This is your opportunity to advise them on their upkeep to enforce your ability to rebook their next appointment.

Interjection point: Propose your vision or plan of action to the guest along with your future plan!

  • Do you have any questions for me before we begin?

BODY POSITIONING - when executing these questions that you create, please consider making eye contact with your client face to face instead of face to mirror. You are deemed more confident and more trustworthy if you look at someone in their eyes.

KEY: make sure that all staff members are consistently asking the same questions.