The Perfect Consultation - Step 3

Existing Clients! Friends, as a reminder this should take less than 10 minutes. Here are simple question recommendations to ask your existing clients at each visit.

  • What are you struggling with your style? What are you loving about your style?
  • Are the products you’ve purchased (name them) working for you as expected?

Are you able to make recommendations on prior use or new recommendations based on their feedback?

  •  Goal for today?

Again, this is your opportunity to share your vision, plan for today and plan for the future. When looking at pictures, please remember that what YOU see may not be how they see it. Ask them, “This is what I see, is this what you see”?

BODY POSITIONING-when executing these questions that you create, please consider making eye contact with your client face to face instead of face to mirror. You are deemed more confident and more trustworthy if you look at someone in their eyes.

KEY: make sure that all staff members are consistently asking the same questions.