Create Your Unique Selling Proposition

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A “USP”, Unique Selling Proposition is simply what makes YOUR Salon/Barbershop different from the rest. We’ve heard businesses say, “We give the best customer service”. Wouldn’t most upstanding businesses argue this same point? We want to help you create a UNIQUE point of difference that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Clients Crave Custom!

Let’s imagine you have very curly hair. If you had to choose between a Salon/Barbershop that does all related services under the sun or a Salon/Barbershop that exclusively works with curly hair types, which would you choose? Your clients are no different!

Get Excited!

Think about your favorite celebrity professionals. They are typically known for one service that they do incredibly well. YOU are essentially preparing your career/salon/barbershop for this same status.

Time for a Brainstorming Session!

If you had zero restrictions, what would you do that would impress the pants off your clients? If money wasn’t an issue, if lack of manpower wasn’t an issue, etc…what would your Salon/Barbershop do that would blow the minds of all your clients?


  • We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to provide late night services in which we’ll have a DJ, Pianist or some form of entertainment, while serving one alcohol beverage per guest during their appointment. You could offer this one night per week to start and go from there!
  •  We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to cater to teenagers! This includes a specialty brochure of trendy services and pricing for those ages 10-17.
  •  We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to carry our own exclusive product line!
  •  We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to offer complimentary clean-up appointments in between normal scheduled haircut appointments.
  •  We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to specialize in Curly Haircutting.
  •  We want to be the ONLY Salon/Barbershop to offer monthly packages that bundle client’s favorite services.

Be Courageous!

Friends, do not be scared that if you do this you may lose clientele in other areas…if you do it will provide an opening for your USP which will ultimately serve your future clients the best. Meaning, do you want to be average? Average is best of the worst or worst of the best. Or do you want your clients to have the very best? Of course! Be courageous and create your Unique Selling Proposition today!