Get More Referrals from Your Current Clients!


Industry friends and those alike. If gaining referrals from your current clients is a key component to your success, then consider offering a referral REWARD! 


Your Referral Reward is your “thank you for sending me/us a new client!” And wouldn’t you feel more encouraged to spread word of mouth referrals to your favorite businesses if you knew you’d receive a special thanks?!  Of course!


Make sure this is a gift instead of a discount. When you give a discount it shows clients that your service or product is worth less than the price it is. When you give a gift, you're adding VALUE for your client's experience. A simple gift would be giving them a gift card!

Here’s an easy way to track referrals!

Client Name




Referred By:

Gift Card Amount

Gift Card Sent






Friends, you could also partner with a related industry provider. An example is if you do not provide nail services, you could partner with a nail spa! They could donate or you could purchase $5 or $10 gift cards from them to give as rewards and vice-versa! This is a win win for both parties :)

Remember, the key to substantial success lies Beyond the TechniqueTM.  The little things we do make the biggest difference to our clients. Clients will be loyal to us unless they receive better service elsewhere. Be generous with your rewards and reap the benefits of a growing clientele!