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Maximize Your Salon's Referrals, Rebooking, and Retail

In an industry with thousands of distractions, sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics. In this case, the 3 R’s that every salon should focus on: referrals, rebooking, and retail. Why do we often forget that these are the most important components that our Stylists should focus on to build a loyal clientele and to utilize current clients to attract new ones?


Are you struggling to get your clients to talk about you? You probably have clients that you’ve seen for a long time, and you assume that by now that they’re bringing you up to friends. But, you cannot assume! You need to go out of your way to ask your favorite clients to send you referrals. That is absolutely the easiest and quickest way to get new clients in the door!

Another great strategy is networking--for example, hanging out with people who are similar to your favorite clients. As hairstylists we’re naturally outgoing people, so use that to your advantage and go out of your way to meet new people. Pro tip: make sure to have business cards and/or brochures with you!


On average, only three in every ten new clients will return to your salon. In other words, only 30% of new clients are coming back to your salon! That’s a big problem, and it’s something you should be tracking. Make a list of clients and determine one person responsible for trying to get those new clients to rebook. You need to decide upfront what you expect from your team. You should really try to set your clients up for the whole year because that’s the best option to secure their rebooking. You have the opportunity to provide your guests with a clear vision for the future, and you should both take advantage of that. For example, with hair coloring you know in advance that they will need to redo their highlights at certain points in time, so suggest a plan and then get them excited about it! Also, remember to mention why it would be a challenge for their hair if they don’t rebook at all.


Why should your clients buy from you? You’re the expert! If your Stylists aren’t selling retail that’s a problem. You need to be clear with your stylists about how much retail you expect them to sell. You should highlight the expectations of retail and go over why it’s important, so that it makes sense to them. You’re the expert, so you should be giving expert advice on products for your clients. When you sell retail to your clients you’re also building loyalty because it means that they trust you and your recommendations.

You also need to be accessible to your clients when they run out of a product, so that they can get more right away if they chose to. It’s a matter of focus--don't get distracted. Instead, focus on selling retail! You typically only see a client once a month or less, so you have to let them know about specials and other opportunities when they are in, so they don’t miss out.

In summary, set your goals and don’t forget about the 3 R’s: Referrals, Rebooking, and Retail. You might need to get an assistant to help you juggle all of these, so that you can keep up with the work and still make sure you give your clients individual attention. If you don’t focus on these elements to build your business, substantial success will always be out of reach.

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Five Ways to Increase Client Retention

In the salon industry, the struggle is real when it comes to client retention. In fact, the likelihood of a new guest returning to your salon after her first visit is less than 30%! If that number makes your cringe, don’t close your eyes—keep reading! We are sharing 5 Ways to Nurture Relationships to Increase Client Retention featuring industry expert, Tena Pettis!

1. Sales Calls

Yes, you did read that correctly. Each of Tena’s Stylists at Capture Salon makes sales calls every week! While this seems scary to a lot of Stylists, Tena assures you that it really works. In less than one year, Tena’s Stylists went from 17% booked to over 50%. Most software allows you to generate a report of clients who have not visited you in the last 6 months—these are the people who you want to call and get back in your chair! A simple phone call—or voicemail—will remind the client that you are thinking about them and have time to serve them!

2. Events

Hosting events is a great strategy to be a proactive business owner rather than a reactive one. Many clients are just looking for a fun night out, so why not provide one in your salon! Not only does this build exposure, but it reminds your current clients about the awesome services that you provide. By inviting clients into your space, you are nurturing a bond that will last long after the event ends! Tena suggests having a planning meeting before every quarter to decide when to host events and run promos.

3. Referral Program

Tena stresses that her salon really wanted to make their Referral Program stand apart from their competitors’. Tena’s team created a unique referral card that granted the new client $20 off and the client who gifted the card $10 off. To make the program feel extra special, they only allowed each stylist to give a set of 10 referral cards to 10 of their clients. By limiting the number of referral cards, the Stylist made their top 10 clients feel extra special, and the client saw more value in handing them out!

4. Email

Email marketing is not dead. Have we mentioned that Tena is also the founder of Tena.cious, a social media and graphic design firm. Take it from the expert—you still need to send your clients emails! People check email every day, all day. In your emails, you can send updates about events, product promotions, and even highlight your Stylists. If you are new to the email game, Tena suggests starting with two emails a month and eventually bumping that to once a week. Do not be scared to send emails; your clients wouldn’t have provided their email address if they didn’t want to hear from you!

5. Mail

Good old fashioned, snail mail. At Capture Salon, all Stylists send handwritten cards to new clients about one week after their visit. This is a great opportunity to thank the client for visiting and invite them back for their next service! In addition to new clients, Capture sends spontaneous cards to returning clients. Sending branded cards is a great way to be in front of the client again, and it shows that you are thinking about them. You can even slip in event cards and information about promos.

Which one of these strategies are you going to try first? Tena remind us that the only free strategy is sales calls! Remember, if you want to be successful, you have to be willing to do what others cannot do or will not do. After all, the key to substantial success lies Beyond the Technique!

What other strategies do you have to nurture client relationships? Comment below or share with us on social media! To hear even more of Tena’s tips, listen to her on Beyond the Technique podcast Episode 51.