Why Discounts Don’t Work – Give a Gift!

Discounts don't work - give a gift

Here is an EASY idea on how to ADD VALUE to your offers that will excite your current clients as well as give an amazing offer to new clients.

Why Discounts Don’t Work –Give a Gift!

Industry friends, offering a discount psychologically trains the brain that what you have to offer isn't worth the price you sell it. Also, you're attracting clients who are doing business with businesses that offer discounts. Think about that...would your ideal client believe, respect and be glad to pay full price for your products and services? If the answer is "yes" than we need to rethink our strategy on building a better clientele.  Here is an easy way to ADD VALUE to your offers that will excite new clients.


Instead of offering 50% off a facial waxing service (devalues), offer a complimentary facial waxing with your first haircut appointment!  This offer is gaining you full value (as it should) for your quality haircut service and has cost you very little in overhead!

Another strategy would be to offer a $5 gift card towards color protection shampoo and conditioner when you book your next hair color appointment!  What an exciting gift!   This is far more effective than giving 20% off your recommended products.

Remember, they’re either sold on using these products or they’re not. A 20% off discount is not an attractive push.  Consumers tend to buy what they want, not necessarily what they need.  The good news is most clients use shampoo and conditioner so they are going to buy them…it’s just a matter of when, where and from whom.


Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  If you want a loyal clientele that values what you have to offer, implement new ways to provoke sales that don’t devalue your profession.  You deserve the very best!