Why Discounts Don’t Work – Offer a VIP Program!


Here’s another awesome way to add value for your clientele versus offering discounts which ultimately devalue your products and/or services.

Offer a VIP Program

A great way to earn loyalty is offering guests an annual VIP program. They actually pay for an entire year of perks that are only available to them. NOW you may use the discount in a positive way since they’ve paid to receive this discount. An example would be to sell clients a $100 annual VIP membership to your business. By purchasing this for one year, they’ll automatically receive 10% off all products, and so on…You have the power to decide what areas you’d want there to be a perk. Remember, the bigger the perk, the higher the annual price. Do some easy math to discover if it will be valuable for them. Also, keep in mind they’ll be more likely to spend more, more often when they have their “perks” with you :)

We’ll leave you with this thought. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Try something new and commit to investing in that idea for a minimum of six months. You will reap the benefits of your commitment!