Why Discounts Don’t Work – Points for Purchases!


Here’s another cool way to offer value to your clientele without offering a discount!

Give POINTS for Purchases

Have you thought about offering a reward for clients who spend consistently with you?  You can do this many creative ways but the easiest is simply offering one point per one dollar spent.  You can apply this point system to products, services or both!  Yes, you will have to keep track of the client’s points.  Many salon software programs will offer this as a built in feature or you may have a spot in the client’s notes you could manually keep track of this for them.  An easy example is offering your clients a $10 gift card per 300 points they’ve earned.  If you don’t have gift cards, you could offer a spending credit!  Either way, you are ADDING VALUE versus devaluing your reward.

Exploit Your Perks!

Once you implement new perks for your clients such as points for purchases, encourage your team to get on board with promoting this.  If you are gung ho about your perks and super fired up for your clients to be receiving a new reward, the result will be that they will match your positive energy and be excited to earn (spend) too!