0272: Retention Secrets of a Top Salon in North America, with Megan Jasper!

Would you agree that retention would have to be pretty darn strong in order to build a seven-location salon business? We agree! That’s why we’re featuring Gadabout SalonSpas and VerVe Salons VP of Operations, Megan Jasper! She’s here today to share what it takes to retain your team members, how to expect the best from everyone, how to create a win-win atmosphere, and how to make sure your guests visit over-and-over again. 

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Company-wide Compensation without Losing You’re A$$ets!

Are you wondering how to create a commission structure for your stylists without giving away the farm? Or, how do you know what to pay a full-time salon manager based on your salon's revenue? Join our online class to see how we've created a plan for compensation [WITH BENEFITS] that:

* pays the owner six figures 
* pays better than other brand-name retailers
* leaves a six percent profit margin so your business is worth buying someday. 
* doesn't discourage TEAM (in fact, we will prove that it IS possible to pay commission and have a thriving TEAM culture!) 

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Kati Whitledge