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Group Mastermind Sessions



Application deadline is Monday, December 9th, 2019.

Join a group of salon owners from across North America in the pursuit of growing our businesses.

what is a mastermind group

A consistent gathering of like-minded people who have similar intentions of evolving themselves and their businesses. Mastermind members give each other their opinions, strategies, and resources in order to mentor one another in their businesses.

our Mastermind meetings include all of these special things! 

  • Open dialogue focused on growth and development for your salon businesses.

  • A Monthly 75 minute Zoom video meeting, set with a consistent, yet flexible agenda.

  • A maximum of fifteen members per group - giving everyone ample opportunity to engage.

  • Holding each other accountable to previous commitments and action items.

  • Opportunities to share your specific idea, strategy, question, and/or challenge, while the group members give you their feedback.

  • Connect outside of the group meetings in our private Slack community.

  • We bring sit-in guest experts every month to share fresh and unique perspectives! Some of our guests have been Keri Davis, Jay Williams, Bonnie Bonadeo, Jentry Petzold, Chelle Neff, Stafanie Jackson, Sam Bewley, and many more!

who’s in the group

  • We specifically choose a variety of salon brands, sizes, missions, visions, and accomplishments.

  • Small salons with unique business models are as worthy as large salon groups with solid systems and processes.

  • We choose the innovative over the elite! We want driven leaders joining, regardless of status or years in the game.

  • We want owners to join who love learning but also love sharing their business magic with others.

when do we meet

  • We meet every second Monday of the month at 3pm EST

  • We use Zoom for each meeting so we can see each other on video. Similar to the Brady Bunch show!

what do we meet about

  • We send an email to participants prior to our meeting to help them prepare their topics, ideas or challenges, and each month there’s a unique intention.

  • We always bring guest experts who have something fresh to share so when we bounce ideas and solutions off of each other, they can share their unique insights as well.

  • We do NOT have monthly topics. This really sets us apart from other mastermind groups. We always mastermind about topics that are the CURRENT needs of our members.

  • Since the goal is to level up and grow our businesses, we always meet with the goal of advancing our business pillars such as leadership, financial, marketing, operations, recruiting, systems, processes, education, training, sales, promotions, strategy, and implementation.

Rules for Participation:

  • This is an annual commitment. Please apply only if you’re ready to devote yourself to business growth throughout the entire year.

  • Participants must be representing their salon during each meeting. Representing other businesses or interests isn’t cool and won’t be allowed.

  • Commitment is key. Therefore, a maximum of two conferences missed per year are allowed without recourse. If additional meetings are missed, we’ll have to open up your spot to a new committed member.

  • We need each member to be authentic, open and eager to support each other.

  • Communicate outside of group meetings through Slack to share resources, events. and updates.