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Group Mastermind Sessions


Join a group of salon owners from across North America in the pursuit of growing our businesses.

The Mastermind Groups include all of these special things! 

  • Open dialogue focused on growth and development for your salon businesses.

  • A Monthly 75 minute Video Conference Meeting, set with a consistent agenda.

  • A maximum of nine members per group - giving everyone ample opportunity to engage.

  • Holding each other accountable to previous commitments and action items.

  • Opportunities to share your specific idea, strategy, question, and/or challenge, while the group members give you their feedback.

Rules for Participation:

  • Participants must be representing their salon during each meeting. Representing other businesses or interests isn’t cool and won’t be allowed.

  • Commitment is key. Therefore, a maximum of two conferences missed per year are allowed without recourse. If additional meetings are missed, we’ll have to open up your spot to a new committed member.

  • We need each member to be authentic, open and eager to support each other.