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Join the Conversation.

Join the Founder and team from Beyond The TechniqueTM in a conversation about the life of a salon owner, and the challenges we face in growing our businesses. We believe in order to establish a legacy we must invest in development. Imagine what your salon will look like in five years! How about ten? Who's your advocate? We are here to step into that role because we want you to experience the life of your dreams.

After all, you deserve this!


taking salons to the next level  |  with Kati Whitledge

giving salon owners flexibility  |  WITH KATI WHITLEDGE



Our Favorite Tool—
Meet Your Stylist

What marketing tool offers a 70% conversion rate? Learn here why the Founder of Inspired Software, LLC had to share the Meet Your Stylist marketing tool with Salons across the US!


the best marketing tool for your salon  |  WITH KATI WHITLEDGE