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employee handbook must-haves!

Think of this as your company playbook. Everything you need to win the game is in the book. What should and should not be in here?

Some of the policies we cover are:
1. time-off allowance for stylists and non-practitioners
2. our schedule options for stylists
3. dress code
4. expectations for events, meetings and education dates
5. services for family--choosing your one significant other...
6. performance expectations and evaluations
7. ethics, culture, vision and mission
8. employee benefits
9. social media policy for stylists
10. check-in /check-out procedures for on-site services (bridal)
11. workplace conduct including sexual or unlawful harassment
12. drug/alcohol use
13. resignations
14. solicitation/ conflicts of interest
15. workplace security, life-threatening illnesses
16. correction service procedures
17. When YOU are the bride
18. salon tools vs. pro tools
19. sign and date--who's involved

I promise to keep this fresh, upbeat and exciting! PLUS just by signing up you'll receive a copy of the video class (will not be available for public) AND you'll receive a full copy of our employee handbook. BOOM!

Sign up today to reserve your spot. Only 89 spots available!!

company-wide compensation without losing your a$$ets

Are you wondering how to create a commission structure for your stylists without giving away the farm? Or, how do you know what to pay a full-time salon manager based on your salon's revenue? Get full access to this online class and all the class materials, and see how we've created a plan for compensation [WITH BENEFITS] that:

>> pays the owner six figures 
>> pays better than other brand-name retailers
>> leaves a six percent profit margin so your business is worth buying someday. 
>> doesn't discourage TEAM (in fact, we will prove that it IS possible to pay commission and have a thriving TEAM culture!) 

salon company roles & responsibilities

Learn the corporate structure for salon company roles & responsibilities! This exclusive class is for the salon owner who wants to be the Entrepreneur of their company without feeling a loss of control.

We are going to take you through EVERY SINGLE role title, role mission, role KPI (benchmarks), and the skills they need to have in order to be successful. We are going to share our EXACT list of each of their tasks & responsibilities!

Here are the positions we will cover:

  • CEO (chief executive officer)

  • GM (general manager)

  • Director of Marketing

  • Social Media Manager

  • Education Directors

  • Hair Stylists

  • Guest Services

  • Bridal Coordinator

  • Administration, Finance, & Operations Manager


This class is normally $397.00 per salon. Today we're giving it to you for $49 because we want MORE salons in our beloved community to have this information!

We've done all the work, so you don't have to! When you invest in this hour together, the ENTIRE guide is included! 

NOTE*** We are NOT going to post this class on YouTube later…this is an exclusive event for salons who value structure that helps them go from owner/manager to Entrepreneur.


creating digital sales funnels to drive new clients to your salon

You may not know that you are clicking on social media posts that are apart of a very calculated sales funnel strategy. Companies outside of the beauty industry are spending millions of dollars on digital sales funnel processes in order to capture new leads that will turn into lifelong clients. Who is doing this for the beauty industry? 

Now you have the opportunity to join entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Kati Whitledge, and learn how to create digital sales funnels for your salon without adding to your marketing budget! 

During this online class you will learn: 

 What is a sales funnel
 Why they are the most effective digital marketing strategy
 How to create them for your salon
 Real examples of salon sales funnels that you can use right away.

mastering sales through human instinct

Is “sales” a dirty word to you? If you feel uncomfortable with selling, we got your back! Join entrepreneur, speaker, author and podcaster, Kati Whitledge, as she shares a new perspective on how to be successful in sales. The good news is, it’s not about being pushy, and it’s not about over-educating. It IS about knowing who the person is on an emotional level and selling to them their way. Your earnings will increase if you put these basic human instincts into play, and we promise you’ll have fun along the way!


Serious Business Event

Growing your team with the people who are the best fit for your tribe is among the top challenges of salon owners in North America. For many, the recruiting process is exhausting and can feel like a vicious cycle. The good news is, it can be easy, fun and extremely rewarding. Entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Kati Whitledge, will share how to find the right people for your salon without wasting a ton of time and resources. She will reveal the framework behind successful recruiting that is easy to grasp and execute. Kati’s common-sense strategies will equip you to become the most sought-after salon in your area!

building a profitable Salon

Can we agree to make 2019 THE year we grow our salon's profits?! If growing your salon profits is on the top of your 2019 to-do list, you are in the right place. Sign up for this special class and you'll learn all of these things!

> What profit actually means + where does your salary live?
> The exact formula and numbers to help your stylists earn six figures!
> When and how to raise your prices. 
> What to AVOID so you don't screw yourself out of your hard-earned revenue.

FIVe ways to market your salon during the holidays

The holidays can be joyous and stressful. How do we compete with the crazy crowd of digital noise and distractions? What are three ways we can market our salons during the busiest time of year without sacrificing our profitability?

In this complimentary class you will learn the five most effective ways to market your salon. These are easy to apply strategies that anyone can employ. The even better news is, you won’t sacrifice your additional revenue earned during these busy months because we are going to offer value-based marketing—no discounts—ever! YAY!

Creating Successful Facebook Ads for Your Salon!

There are two types of people this online class was created for. 

1.) Those who love launching Facebook ad campaigns, but would like pro tips on increasing conversions. 
2.) Those who are at the beginning stages of developing campaigns, and want to make sure they're getting the most bang for their buck. 

During our time together you will learn:
*How to determine WHO sees your ad (targeting) 
*Why they care about your ad--what is in it for them? 
*The new way to think about your ads (problem-promise-process) 
*How to write compelling copy that will make people click (messaging matters)
*Which photo or video styles will give you the biggest return.
*How much you should budget for ads and how long they should run. 

At the end of the day, if we create an ad, we want to get a solid/positive return on our investment (ROI). So let's take our authentic charm and personalize the Facebook ad experience for the guests we REALLY want visiting our salon.

How to recoup guests after a stylist leaves your salon

We've all been in the scenario when a stylist unexpectedly leaves. After we recover emotionally, we must swiftly take action in order to keep as many of the guests they served as possible. 

Even though it hurts, it doesn't have to impact your bottom line. Take it from us. We had a stylist who had been with us since beauty school, quit out of nowhere. We have to admit—we were completely blindsided. In an effort to provide an amazing salon culture, environment and opportunities, we were naive to think this could happen to us. Until it did.

And if that wasn't enough. Within one week we had another stylist quit. Were we about to have a walk out? Lord help us! 

Well, we did not have a walk out, but we did have a huge wake up call!

Immediately we communicated with every guest who had been to these stylists in the last year. It was NOT that we simply reached out. It was WHAT we offered them and how we created that message. You see, the message DOES matter because perception is reality. 

In our online class, we will share the importance of consistent communication with guests. How to craft the most impactful messages, and the tool we use to drive guests back to our salon. 

The best news is, in the midst of what felt like devastation, we had an increase in our revenue! We were as shocked as you are reading this. Our revenue has been on a steady include ever since. We now understand why--you'll learn all about it during our time together!

how to get an ADDITIONAL 50+ guests per month!

Join us for a sneak peak at our exclusive sister company--the award-winning marketing tool, Meet Your Stylist! Learn why salons across the U.S. are joining the Meet Your Stylist family and why behavioral economics is the future in salon marketing.

five ways to increase your revenue

Do you have big financial goals for your business this year? This can be a massive year of growth for your salon if you apply these practical strategies! Join entrepreneur, speaker, author & podcaster, Kati Whitledge, as she shares with you when, why and how to increase your revenue.


How to get new clients without offering discounts!

Looking to earn over $286k in revenue this year? Ah, yes!! Kati Whitledge, the founder of Be Inspired Salon, and your beloved Beyond The Technique podcast host will share with you how her Meet Your Stylist marketing tool brought her salon a massive increase in revenue, WITHOUT having to offer any discounts--ever!

How many times do we offer first-time visitors a percentage off when they book their first appointment?  How many times are we offering returning guests whom we haven't seen in a while the same opportunity if they come back? The question really is, how is that working for us?  There is a better way! 

Join founder & host of the Beyond The Technique podcast, Kati Whitledge as she shares the power of value-added marketing.