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how to get an ADDITIONAL 50+ guests per month!

Monday, August 6th at 1pm CST

Join us for a sneak peak at our exclusive sister company--the award-winning marketing tool, Meet Your Stylist! Learn why salons across the U.S. are joining the Meet Your Stylist family and why behavioral economics is the future in salon marketing. 

Past Events:

five ways to increase your revenue

Do you have big financial goals for your business this year? This can be a massive year of growth for your salon if you apply these practical strategies! Join entrepreneur, speaker, author & podcaster, Kati Whitledge, as she shares with you when, why and how to increase your revenue.


How to get new clients without offering discounts!

Looking to earn over $286k in revenue this year? Ah, yes!! Kati Whitledge, the founder of Be Inspired Salon, and your beloved Beyond The Technique podcast host will share with you how her Meet Your Stylist marketing tool brought her salon a massive increase in revenue, WITHOUT having to offer any discounts--ever!

How many times do we offer first-time visitors a percentage off when they book their first appointment?  How many times are we offering returning guests whom we haven't seen in a while the same opportunity if they come back? The question really is, how is that working for us?  There is a better way! 

Join founder & host of the Beyond The Technique podcast, Kati Whitledge as she shares the power of value-added marketing.